Why Does Your Small Business Need an Online Presence?

Posted on
September 30, 2017

You might be thinking: Isn’t a good old-fashioned referral, or word-of-mouth marketing, sufficient for a business of my scale?

The short answer is simply no. In the current technological climate, digital marketing is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes including your small business. This means utilizing various digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) so potential clients, customers, and/or patients alike can find your business and align with its mission.

Getting By vs. Thriving

Unfortunately, creating a one-off webpage of static content does not prove to be enough in growing your business and online presence. In a recent article by Forbes entitled “How to Create A Big Online Presence for Your Small Business,” the author cited a 2017 study showing that 29% of small businesses still operate without a website, but that number is expected to shrink to roughly 8% by the end of this year, 2018. The author continues, saying:

“These digitally deprived companies cite a number of reasons for their slow adoption of a branded website or social media accounts. The most common one by far is that business is going well enough without it. Why rock the boat, right? There’s a significant distinction between getting by and thriving that a lot of small businesses forget -- sometimes because they’ve never known what it’s like to thrive.”

Go to the Experts, Go Digital, Go SocialE

At Go SocialE, we recommend outsourcing the digital marketing aspect of your small business to the experts. Go SocialE, LLC was founded by business partners Susanna “Susie” Satta and Cooper Balestrino. They have nearly a decade each in the marketing industry and specialize in digital and social media marketing. Additionally, Susie and Cooper have a proven track record of successful digital marketing campaigns for a wide variety and number of local small businesses in Arizona.

Looking to build your small business’ online presence? Email us at info@GoSocialE.com, or visit our Contact page.

Posted on
October 24, 2017