3 Reasons to Advertise on Instagram

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September 7, 2018

At Go SocialE, we have utilized various digital marketing strategies to build brands for local businesses in Arizona. We often rely heavily on Instagram marketing as this social media channel can serve as a way to cohesively brand your small business. Below we have listed three reasons why Instagram marketing is crucial to your small business’ marketing strategy.

Reason #1 - Visual Posting has a Higher Rate of Engagement

According to Smart Bird Social, “posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.” That is no small increase in customer engagement. The large impact of visual marketing makes sense as looking at a picture is quick, easy, and can appeal to a wider audience that includes potential demographics across all age groups and all language groups.

Reason #2 - Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

In addition to getting direct insights from current and potential customers, clients, and/or patients alike, Instagram includes performance tracking capabilities. That means that a lot of the guesswork about the impact of your marketing is taken out. Being able to interact with customers directly, elicit feedback automatically, and modify content based on metrics is highly valuable in getting the results and growth you want from your small business.

Reason #3 - Instagram is Cost Effective

At Go SocialE, perhaps one of the reasons our small business clients love Instagram marketing is its ability to make a huge impact on their businesses with little cost. Instagram has various account options that include free personal accounts or Instagram for Business accounts. Either account option is easy to set up, so you can get your small business out there.

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Posted on
September 6, 2018