Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice

Posted on
September 10, 2018

Go SocialE specializes in digital and social media marketing for dental professionals. Go SocialE operates

in Arizona and is comprised of business partners Susanna “Susie” Satta and Cooper Balestrino. Susie and

Cooper have over a decade combined of experience working successfully with a number of dental

professionals throughout Arizona to help get the business side of dental practices up, running, and

thriving. Below are a few of the digital marketing strategies that Go SocialE utilizes for their dental

professional clients around the Valley.

1) Social Media

The use of social media may seem like an odd or foreign concept for a dental practice. However, social

media is crucial for developing a well-rounded online presence. In the technological age, your future

patients are already current users of social media. The level of engagement, particularly with a platform

like Instagram that utilizes visual content, allows the opportunity to build and interact with patients in a

unique and widespread way.

2) Website and SEO

To thrive, small businesses must have a website and utilize search engine optimization (SEO) best

practices so that patients can find that website. Go SocialE partners with CUOPTIMIZED in web design,

SEO, and search engine advertising. Susie and Cooper also have a background working specifically in the

dental field, so they speak your language and know exactly what information a user needs when going

to your website.

3) Reviews

It is important for dental practices to focus on accumulating reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Not

only is this where potential patients go to find a dentist that is right for them, but these reviews can

easily be turned into testimonials for your individual dental practice.

4) Visual Content and Technology

As we mentioned in our blog “3 Reasons to Advertise on Instagram,” posts with images produce 650%

higher engagement than text-only posts. At Go SocialE, we recommend posting high-quality videos to

introduce yourself to potential patients, before and after photos of smiles, and highlighting the new

dental technology offered in your office.

Interested in growing your dental practice with digital marketing? Call Go SocialE at 480-658-7364, email

us at, or visit our Contact page.

Posted on
September 9, 2018