Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Posted on
September 9, 2018

At Go SocialE, we specialize in social media marketing for small businesses in Arizona. Social media marketing combines targeted business strategies and social media know-how. When building your small business’ online presence, it can be overwhelming to think about all the avenues and ways to get your business out there. Below, we have compiled the short list of the major dos and don’ts of social media marketing.

DO use multiple social media platforms.

Using various social media platforms, such as a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and more will help your business not only be more searchable to various groups of users, but also more appealing as your marketing content will be formatted in a unique way with each platform.

DON’T ignore feedback.

If users are responding and actively engaging with the content your business puts out there, then interact and engage back. You will be increasing direct interaction and allowing users to see just how dedicated you already are to your clientele.

DO maintain consistency.

The more consistency you maintain in the voice of your brand, the easier it is for users to understand that message and make associations and connections with your business.

DON’T delete or ignore negative comments.

If you view negative comments as an opportunity to improve your business and address customer issues, the world will see your efforts. If you get in a habit of deleting negative comments, people will be bound to notice.

DO consult with social media marketing experts.

At Go SocialE, we understand that growing your small business and thriving in the technological age can feel overwhelming. Taking on social media marketing by yourself can feel like you are not only operating your primary business but are also opening a second social media marketing business. Consult with a social media marketing agency like Go SocialE, so you are not aimless in your efforts.

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Posted on
September 8, 2018